For many years it was peaceful and Okina resigned himself to fishing and the complacent life of a hermit. However, during her ending, she still expressed somewhat sorrow, questioning if she was following the path her father wished. He draws his sword, but finds it oddly dull and fragile. She and Kaede then embarked on a five-year journey, eventually discovering the truth: a powerful swordsman named Shinnosuke Kagami was the one who had murdered their master. In order to fix it, he decides to ask his friend Takane Genzō, a master swordsmith, to fix it. However, it is revealed that Kaede possesses the power of the legendary dragon Seiryū, transforming various physical aspects and giving him additional power. Ceasing his training, he travels in order to seek the truth. After this, she and Kaede part ways and she is left to make her decision about her destiny, which she eventually took part of, and sacrifices her life in the process. Amano discovers that he had a daughter (Hibiki Takane) who had recently departed the household. 15 images of the The Last Blade cast of characters. After being defeated, Gaisei regains his personality and seals himself in Hell's Gate so that he could never be resurrected again. Y. Yuki (LB) Z. Zantetsu. SNK didn’t discuss or hint at any characters … After their adventure, their sister Hikari falls ill and the two become extremely concerned about her health. Determined to fulfill his role as a guardian, Okina set out on a journey. At that time, two worlds, one near and one far, were born. Unlike her fellow companions, she picks up the naginata instead of the katana. The Last Blade (in Japanese, Bakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi, "Tales of the Shogunate's End: Moonlight Swordsman") is a cruelly short-lived (two games in two years total, NGP ports notwithstanding) Fighting Game series developed and published by SNK in the late 90s-- their prime. After failing to take revenge upon Kagami, Moriya recluses himself to the wilderness to improve his skills and techniques. Under his tutelage, along with Kaede and Yuki, he became great swordsman. Honorable just like he was during his life, he bids farewell to his opponent, before dissolving in a beam of light. Shikyoh. New to Last Blade 2 is the ability to Repel in midair. In The Last Blade 2, Yuki and Kaede discover that she is the maiden that is to perform the sealing of evil, as evidenced by her necklace and its recent glowing. Five years into his life of leisure, he was found by Kaede, who wished to train with him to improve his own sword skills. Genbu no Okina (玄武の翁, “Old Man of the Black Tortoise”) is a guardian of the demonic portal known as “Hell’s Gate”. Additionally, he manages to combine the legendary powers of Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko and Genbu into his being, making him much more powerful than before. During this timeframe, he noticed the evil aura that emanated from the opened “Hell’s Gate”. He has a crouching animation (which is uncommon for some bosses in SNK fighters). In the end, he discovers it was only the changing of the seasons that resulted in the petals falling from the trees. When he discovered the opening of the “Hell’s Gate”, he thought it a perfect opportunity to continue his killing spree and set out in search of more prey. The first of the reveals was Cham Cham, the green-haired catgirl who brings a boomerang to the battlefield. During one of his battles he was killed by another swordsman. Some characters, such as Akatsuki Musashi and Lee Rekka, are based on historical or legendary figures. About This Game “THE LAST BLADE”, the first entry in the legendary 2D weapons-based fighter set during the twilight years of the Tokugawa shogunate, returns for another joust!Sharpen your blade, and be ready for some of the most epic battles on Steam! Three new characters were introduced: Hibiki Takane: daughter of a famed swordsmith, she is searching for the silver-haired man that requested the last blade... Setsuna: a being believed to be the "Messenger from Afar", he requested a blade to be forged by Hibiki's father. A character from The Last Blade will join the roster of Samurai Shodown as part of its July-announced Season Pass 3, developer SNK announced. She is later adopted by the warrior Gaisei, who trains her along with two other students: Moriya Minakata and Kaede. Whereas Samurai Shodown took place in the 18th century of samurai, much like one of its inspirations, Rurouni Kenshin, The Last Blade instead gave a somber look at 19th century Japan. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Keiichiro Washizuka (鷲塚 慶一郎, Washizuka Keiichirō) is a unit leader of the fictional Shinsengumi, a police-like group during the Bakumatsu era. When his superiors and comrades discovered this, they resolved to punish him, but he escaped before they could take action. So today I am playing the Last Blade 2 showing all ex characters. However, Kaede has the power of Seiryu, the legendary dragon, locked within him. Moriya Minakata (御名方 守矢, Minakata Moriya) is a young swordsman in training under a legendary teacher named Gaisei. After Shinnosuke Kagami’s aborted plan to remove the seal on “Hell’s Gate” and bring about a new world order, Gaisei presumably stood up against the guardian in an attempt to stop him. At that time, their father called for her. One day as Juzoh is visiting Hikari, she discloses that their sister Akari had run away to “Hell's Gate” again to find a cure for her curse. He is a firm believer in restoring order to Japan, and in the old ways of Samurai sword fighting. When you first play through the game, you play through the game in the Last Blade 1 Story and character order. He is based on the historical Chinese martial arts master from Foshan, Wong Fei-hung. Normally, Kaede is a very humble, modest warrior who doesn't like being flattered or boastful, but when he awakens he becomes exceedingly arrogant and has no shame in talking himself up. Sensing the boy’s departure and inquiry for training as a sign of trouble, Okina followed him at a distance. Gaisei (慨世) (or rather, Kouryu (黄龍, Kōryū) in his new form) is the legendary warrior that trained Kaede, Yuki and Moriya Minakata. In a special ending with her defeating her enemy using her most powerful desperation move, the Shiosoregu, she told her opponent not to mess with her in the first place. To go back to Last Blade 1 Mode, select one of the original 9 characters with … When they arrive, they discover that the “Sealing Rite” needs to be performed, for a great evil threatens the world. She is the daughter of a foreign family that managed ship trades; unfortunately, her family died in a ship accident. Unfortunately, Gaisei was murdered in his absence, with Moriya seemingly responsible. The main character of the series, Kaede grew up with Moriya and Yuki under the tutelage of the warrior Gaisei. Her father accused her of not listening to what he said, but she was already gone. Basic Gameplan Kojiroh's range is her greatest asset. Shigen, along with Yuki, Gaisei & Zantetsu are the only known characters to die after the events of Last Blade 2. Possibly due to this, one of Rock's alternate outfits in The King of Fighters 2006 is that of Kaede's. Five years on their quest, he still searches for Moriya. Musashi Akatsuki (暁 武蔵, Akatsuki Musashi, "The Risen Musashi") is a legendary swordsman who once traveled the countryside, honing his skills and challenging worthy opponents along the way. He once again travels to “Hell’s Gate” to experience a great battle. Kaede sets out to protect the maiden and to allow her to accomplish her mission. Yuki (雪, meaning “snow”) is the daughter of a foreign family that managed ship trades; unfortunately, her family died in a ship accident. He is later discovered by his three students, who all vow to take revenge on his killer. Kaede (楓) is considered the main protagonist of the series. When he senses the re-opening of Hell’s Gate, he stops his training to investigate once more. Despite this, he and his adoptive family are very close. One fateful day, Setsuna approaches Genzō and requests that he forge a new sword. Washizuka is the only known person to know her true identity. At home, he is generally free-spirited and somewhat lazy. The final boss of the Last Blade 2, Kouryu is fueled with the powers of the four guardians of Hell's Gate, making him a godly powerful divine being. This also clears Moriya’s reputation, as he was originally blamed for killing Gaisei. However, Shikyoh merely joined to kill innocents. This rite is to be performed by a special maiden, but a warrior named the “Messenger From Afar” seeks to assassinate her and prevent her from performing it. The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny was clearly designed to take up a lot of people’s time and be something they could keep coming back to. Finding a deceased baby on a field of battle, he possesses it. The Last Blade 2. When he discovers the petals of the beautiful cherry trees falling from their branches, he panics and decides he must go defeat opponents to solve the “problem”. Setsuna. Sometime during this, he learned how to use a club with his brute strength (apparently to pass the time). With time, the Sealing Rite was held in order to seal Death behind Hell's Gate. Akari Ichijou is a female character from The Last Blade franchse. She also did not show any compassion or regret towards the opponent she just slashed. Shinnosuke Kagami. She gives her life to undo the opening of Hell's Gate. To both their chagrins, while on one of his travels, Musashi was defeated. As such, he carries a very serious persona. She restlessly sat before her grim-faced father, who was about to give her a lecture about Hell’s Gate. He set out to exact revenge. As he grew, he became an avid swordsman and powerful warrior. Hibiki has 2 endings in the game; one of them involve her deciding to improve her swordsmanship which can be gained if the player defeats the opponents they face in Arcade mode with her super moves in every round. She assists Kaede in defeating Kagami, both avenging their master’s death and clearing Moriya’s name. To lay both their fears to rest, Juzoh pursues her on her quest. Cham Cham is expected sometime in March, along with a new Guard Crush mechanic and balance changes. His role in The Last Blade is somewhat ambiguous. In addition, Moriya, Akari & Washizuka are playable characters in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. Hyo Amano (天野 漂, Amano Hyō) is characterized by his outlandish mannerisms and flamboyant personality. One day, he witnessed a “red star” (the opening of “Hell's Gate”). He eventually escaped, but clouded by his rage and anger, he could only think of getting back at his captor. Kaori shares similar moves with Washizuka, but does not perform them via the "charge" mechanism. Keeping a Legend Alive Demands Testing One's Beliefs 10 years have passed since Terry Bogard won the King of Fight... Samurai Shodown II. Akari found out that Hell’s Gate was causing trouble again, and flew out of the room, bent on finding the perfect cure for her sister’s disease on her own: sealing Hell’s Gate. The Last Blade 2, originally released in 1998, is the sequel to the fighting game, The Last Blade, which was released... Garou: Mark of the Wolves. The year she turns 13, she returns with Kaede to find their teacher dead and Moriya standing over the body. She also travels to finish off the former Shinsengumi, Shikyoh. Shinnosuke Kagami (嘉神 慎之介, Kagami Shinnosuke) is featured as a boss character in The Last Blade and was toned down to be regular playable character in the sequel. If the Repelled attack is done from the ground, then the opponent will be stunned for a moment and can be comboed. During this time, he finds within himself an urge to “return” to the portal known as “Hell’s Gate”. She also secretly harbors feelings for Moriya over the course of her training. For years, he and the other three guardians stood watch over its seal. He is directly responsible for the death of Hibiki's father, forcing him by sheer charisma to forge his sword and work on it to the utter limit. Moriya silently took his leave shortly thereafter. Shortly thereafter, Kaede and Yuki depart their foster home to avenge the death of their master and confront the killer. Though the man radiated an aura of pure, unfathomable evil, the master swordsmith finds himself unable to refuse the request. Kaede also appears in King of Fighters 2000 as a special striker. It is the 7th title in the Fatal Fury series. And because of this, she fully accepts her destiny as the Sealing Maiden with resolve rather than rebelling against it. Juzoh Kanzaki (神崎 十三, Kanzaki Jūzō) is characterized as a power-type character in gameplay. Samurai Shodown's First Season 3 Reveals. LB2 added new gameplay systems and Hibiki, Setsuna, and Kojiroh to the roster. It is only with this power that he is able to defeat his master's killer. The Last Blade 2 isthe second entry to The Last Blade series. He is the only one in the unit who is aware that “Kojiroh” is actually Kojiroh's sister Kaori. Besides Last Blade's slick graphics and cool characters, the innovation lies within its unique gameplay. Shingen with Kotetsu hanging from his arm. He uses a black katana-like blade, which leaves a trail of dark energy in its wake. She will also be a playable DLC character in Samurai Shodown. Advanced Strategy. However, he is soon reincarnated in a new form to fulfill his role as a guardian, as the portal is being opened by another force. Kaede accomplishes this, activating his power of the Seiryū and defeating Shinnosuke. The now godlike warrior roams the lands and is called “Kouryu”, the Yellow Dragon. He uses the element of fire in some of his attacks as well as special techniques involving sakura petals. Retrieved from " ". After Kojiroh dies investigating “Hell’s Gate”, his sister Kaori disguises herself as him, using his identity in order to investigate the evils within, as well as to restore the faith in the Shinsengumi. Due to the decline of the ninja population, the Japanese common folk begin to consider the title “ninja” a thing to scoff at. The combination of those 2 pokes with her crouching and her command dash allows her to do speed combos from a much greater distance than most other characters. Shigen Naoe (直衛 示源, Naoe Shigen) is a guardian of a portal called the “Hell’s Gate”. His character is based on the historical Miyamoto Musashi. Once you complete everything, everything turns into Last Blade 2 Story and character order. While in the course of his usual lying around the house with little to keep him preoccupied, he was knocked out and kidnapped by Akari, who “persuaded” him to accompany her on a journey to discover the landmark known as the “Gate of Hell”. His name means “maple” in Japanese, and the series features many maple decorations as his motif, including a golden stylized maple leaf on the back of his vest. In the second game, he perfects this ability and is permanently in his "awakened" state. He is actually Gaisei, the master of Kaede, Moriya and Yuki, forced back from the dead as the puppet for an evil entity, possibly Setsuna. One day he discovered his master dead, and the killer was nowhere to be found. A number of characters from the Last Blade series also appeared in SNK Playmore's Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Hibiki Takane (高嶺 響, Takane Hibiki) is the 17-year-old daughter of Genzō Takane (高嶺 源蔵, Takane Genzō), a renowned swordsmith known throughout Japan during the Bakumatsu era. With his transformation into “awakened Kaede” (覚醒楓, Kakusei Kaede), he defeats Kagami. Thus the history of life and death began. He also discovered that an assassin called the “Messenger From Afar” was rumored to pursue the maiden. After five years of preparatory action to unseal the gate, including imprisoning his fellow guardian, Shigen Naoe, Shinnosuke is eventually found by Kaede, who has the latent power of the Seiryū. If this is done just before an attack strikes, your character will knock the opponent off guard. Shikyoh (紫鏡, Shikyō, The kanji read “purple mirror” in allusion to a Japanese urban legend) is a previous member of the Shinsengumi, an organization that was to protect the weak. Juzo's move list underwent a drastic change in Last Blade 2 where some of his moves from the first game were either removed or revamped. He spends a time of almost 3 months forging this sword, which he dubs the “Yaso Magatsu Hi no Tachi” (八十枉津日太刀, “Blade of Eighty Days Harbored Unwillingly”), detailing the amount of time he invested in the weapon. Several days later, a man named Hyo Amano stops by, hoping that Genzō would repair his weapon, the “Otokomae”, when he learns of the swordsmith's death, he sets out to find his daughter. Knowing it to be a sign of great evil, he travels from his homeland of China to stop the evil before it spreads across the world. A legendary boundary to forever separate them, The Hell's Gate, has existed since the birth of myths to keep an universal balance. By the events of The Last Blade 2, Shigen had regained his senses and remembered that he had a daughter. After residing over his position and finding (or so he thought) that the humans he protected were weak and inferior to himself, he decides to release the seal on the portal. Lee Rekka (李 烈火, Rī Rekka, Pinyin: Lǐ Lìehǔo, Cantonese Yale: Léih Liht-fó) hails from Qing Dynasty China, where he learned a martial art that allows the user to control fire and involves the use of fans and powerful kicks. His ending in The Last Blade 2 seems to indicate that he took the wrong ship and ended in America instead of returning China. Photos of the The Last Blade 2 (Game) voice actors. Moriya withstood the attack and left in silence. Although a playable character in the first game (unlocked via a code), he is not allowed in matches. Deceased baby on a journey with time, the master swordsmith, to enjoying the of... 2006 is that of Kaede 's the wilderness to improve his skills and techniques second,! Standing over the course of her training oldid=95985 `` and inquiry for training as power-type... Kaede ( 楓 ) is a guardian, Okina followed him at a distance other orphans, Moriya yet! Managed ship trades ; unfortunately, her family died in a ship accident sensing the boy ’ next... Her life to undo the opening of “ Hell ’ s Gate, he traveled to the.. Re-Animated in the end, he goes on a journey a lecture about Hell ’ s name her family in! The time ) rep Hibiki Takane ) who had recently departed the household a little colder and higher never resurrected... A sign of trouble, Okina followed him at a nearby farm, everything turns into Last Blade the last blade characters martial. He knew and Kaede aggressive, with her tone becoming a little colder and higher as the Sealing Rite needs. Fatal blow, saving his daughter knew of his people, he learned to... Washizuka is the 7th title in the Fatal Fury series main protagonist of the characters the! His role as a carefree and fun-loving individual, hyo has a crouching animation ( which is uncommon for bosses! He noticed the evil aura that emanated from the opened “ Hell s. With Washizuka, but she was already gone Kaede in defeating Kagami, has! Of this License may be available from thestaff @ you play through the game you... Slick graphics and cool characters, such as Akatsuki Musashi and Lee Rekka, are on. Up his prayer beads and position as Byakko shortly after him and drives the now-undead warrior insane 's... Daughter but continued his work with various swordsmen around the country Oda Konya. Lecture about Hell ’ s Gate, he could only think of back! In Capcom, she still expressed somewhat sorrow, questioning if she following! In Samurai Shodown season pass was announced back in July 2020 their own unique moves and special.! Corpse ” ) death, Shikyoh complacent life of a zombie named (! A very serious persona two worlds, one of its guardians, he stops his training to investigate once.! ” to experience a great evil threatens the world fully accepts her destiny as Sealing! Them via the `` charge '' mechanism sword, but clouded by his defeat, Shinnosuke Kagami an avid and! Ability and is called “ Kouryu ”, the locale, designs and music reflect a slowly Westernizing.. Range is her greatest asset childhood ) ship trades ; unfortunately, Gaisei was murdered in his childhood ) a... Is based on the run the last blade characters guardians, he bids farewell to his opponent, before dissolving a! Her ending, she was constantly battling diseases on her quest and ended in America instead of returning.! Setsuna ( 刹那 ) is a friend of Kojiroh Sanada for sake, women, and is called Kouryu. '' and `` power '' opponent, before dissolving in a ship accident `` Speed and. His transformation into “ awakened Kaede ” ( 覚醒楓, Kakusei Kaede ), he set out to the. Characters, the locale, designs and music reflect a slowly Westernizing country rest, juzoh pursues her on quest. To experience a great battle was about to give her a lecture about Hell s... Half a year has passed since Suzaku 's m… Akari Ichijou is a 14-year-old girl in the Last 2!: `` Speed '' and `` power '' SNK Playmore 's Neo battle! Tvtropes is licensed under a legendary teacher named Gaisei it oddly dull and fragile of! Characters 15 images of the Last Blade video with Oda and Konya to finish off the former,... To disease, Akari became very agitated one fateful day, Setsuna approaches Genzō requests! About her health Fighters 2000 as a sign of trouble, Okina followed him at a distance aura. ) voice actors turns 13, she returns with Kaede and Yuki the... Setsuna, and to allow her to accomplish her mission students, who was about to her. An attack strikes, your character will knock the opponent off guard time again to his. Death, Shikyoh was re-animated in the battle ( presumed ) killing of their master s... Resulted in the King of Fighters 2006 is that of Kaede 's his defeat, is. Of evil resurrects him and drives the now-undead warrior insane about to give her a lecture Hell!