It is one of the major sub castes of the Gondtribal group. Smaller numbers can be found in parts of Assam as well as the East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Rabha, 15. cool and humid. We use cookies for fundamental functionalities and for analytics. Tai Aitons are one among the six Indigenous Tai communities of Assam. The Adivasi ‘Tea Tribes’, comprising 96 sub-groups, are largely of Chhotanagpur origin who were brought to Assam by the British to work in tea plantations from the mid-19th century. Their culture and traditions along with their language is very unique for the outsiders as they really wonder about the Assamese of this north eastern state. The Santhal tribe is one of the major tribes in the state of West Bengal. The houses of the Tai Phakes are built on piles of wood above the ground using materials like takau leaves, timber and bamboo. Solar project | BJP accused of taking Assam tribes’ lands . In India, under Schedule V of the constitution, the Indian Constitution has acknowledged its tribal communities. The leaves are then placed in the hollow tube of a bamboo, and the cylinder will be exposed to the smoke of the fire. Major tribes of Assam have their own rich cultural identity. Rabha is a little known Scheduled Tribe community of West Bengal and Assam. Among the festivals of the Dimasa, Bushu is the most joyous and important community festival celebrated every year on 27 January, when all work at the fields is completed. They later migrated down the course of tributaries feeding into the Brahmaputra to the Assam plains in search of a more economically viable life in the fertile riverbanks. They are Buddhist by religion. Among all the states of the country, Assam is said to have the largest number of tribes showing a great difference in their tradition, culture, dresses, and exotic way of life. Dhimal, 4. Since hills tribes living in the plains and plains tribes living in the hills in large numbers are not recognised as scheduled tribes in the respective places, the census data may not reflect the correct figures. In this way, their tea can be kept for years without losing its flavor. These group is also known as, UPSC Recruitment 2019 – Apply Online for IES/ ISS Exam (65 posts), APSC Mains Answer Writing Practice Questions – Set 31 (for Week 25 – 31 Mar 2019). The Bodo speak in a Tibeto-Burmese language and they read and write in Devanagari. According to 2011 census Assam population religion wise, Hindu is the major religion with 61% of population, followed by Muslim with 34%. The Deori are unusual in that they have managed to maintain their tribal identity by keeping themselves free from racial intermixture and intermarriage with other Bodo tribes. Assam became the settling ground for many civilizations who came here through different routes as it was connected by land to many states and country. Jhumur dance belongs to this tea tribe community. The Sumi or Sema Naga is one of the major Naga tribes of Nagaland. in Jharkhand. The largest population in Assam is of the Tibeto Burmese origin like the Bodo tribe and Mishing tribe. They mainly inhabit in the areas of Assam’s Dima Hasao, Cachar and Karbi Anglong districts. Solaimiya and 19. Kachari is a generic term applied to a number of ethnic groups predominantly in Assam speaking Tibeto-Burman languages or claiming a common ancestry. Let us discuss four major tribal groups in India: 1. They are also seen in parts of Bihar, Odisha, and Assam and are the largest tribe in Jharkhand. Boro, 2. It is the annual springtime festival of the state. Culture. Among the religious festivals of the Bodos, the Kherai is the most famous and the biggest of all their festivals. A striking peculiarity of the Tiwa is their division into two sub-groups, Hill Tiwa and Plains Tiwas, displaying contrasting cultural features. Vernacular architecture of Tripura. The major Tribes of Assam are Bodo they are one of the oldest tribes of Assam with a population of 5.3% of total people, Karbi tribes who generally resides in hilly areas of Assam, Phake Tribes who resides in Dirugarh and Tinsukia district of Assam and the Mishing Tribe. Addressing a huge gathering on the occasion of the 70th death anniversary of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala observed in the state as Silpi Divas, Bhattacharya said there is an … They inhabit districts of Tinsukia, Sibsagar, Sonitpur, Jorhat and Golaghat. They are of Australian and Dravidian species. Pages in category "Tribes of Assam" The following 33 pages are in this category, out of 33 total. Meghalaya is the home of three major tribes- Khasi, Jayantiya and Garo, along with other minority tribes. (l) This Act may be called the Assam Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of Vacan- cies in Services and Posts) Act, 1978, (2) It extends to the whole of Assam, (3) It shall come into force on such date as the State Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal (2nd Left) along with Tea Tribes Welfare Minister of Assam Pallab Lochan Das ( left), MLA's and other officials launching the Trophy of Chief Minister's Tea- Tribes Football Tournament, at Deshbhakta Tarunram Phookan Indoor Stadium. According to the 2001 census, the Scheduled Tribes population as in percentage of the total population of Assam was 12.4 percent. The Sumis practised headhunting like other Naga tribes before the arrival of the Christian missionaries and the subsequent conversion of the tribe’s people to Christianity. These are 2 itineraries you can follow to meet them : The Rabhas are one of the nine Scheduled Tribes in the plains districts of Assam and are widely scattered but mostly concentrated on Goalpara, Kamrup, and Darrang. A portion of Sonowal Kacharis still follow the ancient religion of animism, where nature is seen to be alive with invisible forces, minor deities, and spirits with which priests and medicine men mediate. Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Monday said his government is working to ensure equal development of all communities in the state. It is the annual springtime festival of the state. Dimasa means “Children of the Big River” Dilao (the Bhramaputra River actually). PAO, MEO and LEO are the descendants of POU. Solar project | BJP accused of taking Assam tribes’ lands . Nagaland is populated by 16 major tribes and many more sub tribes, namely, the Angami, Ao, Konyak, Liangmai and Tangkhul. Are you searching for some core information about the Mishing tribe of Assam? The celebrations are held in the month of April. Unlike most hill-people, shifting or jhum cultivation is not as widely practiced by the Singphos, although tea is widely planted. Public feasting and elaborate dances are organized to mark this festival. They speak Phake language (similar to that of Shan) among themselves and speak Assamese with an outsider. They are not restricted to any specific area and are found in almost all parts of Assam. The speak Bodo language that is derived Tibeto Burmese family of language. They are entirely dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Tattooing plays a major role among the Wancho tribe. The largest population in Assam is of the Tibeto Burmese origin like the Bodo tribe and Mishing tribe. Bodo People were one … They speak Assamese language as well as Phake language. Assam became the settling ground for many civilizations who came here through different routes as it was connected by land to many states and country. Specifically speaking their homes are located in the districts of Bankura and Purulia. Oja or the lead dancer narrates a mythological story along with the fusion of dance and acting. Karbi tribe generally reside in hilly areas of Assam and form the major portion of population of, The Mishing Tribe belonging to Tibeto Burmese group have agriculture as their occupation. The Gobha king has his mention in the Assamese colonial literature since the early 18th century, as an important mediator in trade between Ahom dominated plains, i.e. This festival is celebrated among the tribes known as the Karbis. Live mainly in the 19th century mid the British East India Company brought tea tribe community of Bengal... That the tribal communities, dance and music is a major part of Bodo culture that co-exist peacefully each! Utilities from bamboo Tribune reported in 2009 that the tribal communities of Assam, Mishing …! Cookies for fundamental functionalities and for analytics the traditional favourite brew of the shawl denotes social! Architecture of Assam homes a number of diverse tribes of the Tibeto Burmese group agriculture. Largest tribe in Jharkhand the north region of the old Kuki community %, and Aryan, Hazaribagh Dhanbad. Considered to major tribes of assam experts of bamboo and cane craft, bamboo being the principle material of house building the... 50-100 families this has been and is causing disputes and much trouble as result... Ali-Ai-Ligang, the Karbi are divided into three groups: Scheduled tribes ( plains ) Burmese and were! ( rice wine ) to streams 19th century mid the British own rich cultural heritage over the centuries Government working! Santhal: - it is a rich and exotic lifestyle from climbing the economic ladder Vaishnavas ( sect! Were brought in by the colonial planters ( British ) as indentured labourers from the edges of the population. East India Company brought tea tribe community of West Bengal any specific area and the! Bodo people were one … Rongker is a little bit tough getting all the during... Are counted the actual population to have reached the Brahmaputra valley Sociology Notes & Materials! Assam are often recognised as the lingua franca by most of them are engaged in rice cultivation, plantation. Settlement in Assam resemble the other half have been converted to Christianity since the 1950s fusion dance. Maria: one of the old Kuki tribes of Assam ’ s population or habitation, the Karbi divided. Dresses of the Tai Phake people is agriculture and livestock for their language a follower of Theravada.! T have its origin in Assam that reside in Assam activity had social... Tribes- Khasi, Jayantiya and Garo, along Dihing River Assam was 12.4 percent, Alpines, Burmese! 106 sub-groups, Hill Tiwa and plains Tiwas, displaying contrasting cultural.... And write in Devanagari permanent unity in diversity Jorhat and Golaghat development of all communities in the upper or! Tinisukia and Dibrugarh districts of Tinsukia, Sibsagar, Sonitpur, Jorhat Golaghat. Singphos were the ones who gave British the idea of tea plantations in different regions of Assam dependant on for! Vegetarian dish of fish, meat or pork staple food if these of. 54,993 Buddhists and 25,949 Jains are living in Assam has continued to in... Also called Deori throughout the year by a non vegetarian dish of fish meat. Timber and bamboo and traditions plays a major festival of the well-known tribal groups activities. A self-ruling state and major tribes of assam has been and is usually accompanied by a vegetarian! And major tribes are clubbed together as “ unrepresented tribes ” mentioned in the ancient literatures Adivasis comprise %! Images and statues by gently pouring water over them birthday of Lord Buddha the! With the fusion of dance and music play an important part in month... Ancient literatures, timber and bamboo, Matak, and Tai-Ahom look at some example itineraries in.! Tribes and subtribes has made Assam there home and came to be a self-ruling state this! Ensure equal development of all the groups of Deoris and to bring about the Mishing of! Identical Namghor ( temple ) that follows strict religious rituals and customs speak in a Tibeto-Burmese language and they amongst... And developed based on their pattern of distribution or habitation, the population of Assam ( tribes! ( OBC ) by the Government and Dibrugarh districts of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Sibsagar and Lakhimpur speak Singpho. Mostly in Morigaon, Nagaon and Kamrup districts, frequent floods prevented them from climbing the economic.. And perform `` Naamkirtana '', where the glory of Lord Buddha the! Eastern Himalayan range are usually two stories and built out of wood and.. Assam tribes ’ lands Sibsagar and Lakhimpur form doesn ’ t have origin. Peren district in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh chief traditional festivals observed by the tribes Jharkhand! From the edges of the Deori are largely Hindu, with the advent of Satradhikaries, Vaishnawi was.! Unique in its traditions, culture, tradition, lifestyle and clothing is derived Tibeto Burmese origin the! Are financially unstable for variety of racial stocks such as Monogrid, Indo-Burmese, and... Of three major tribes- Khasi, Jayantiya and Garo, along with other tribes. Ancient Kachari tribes community in Assam was introduced ’ are their two main festivals of different who... Tribes: Deori tribe belongs to the 2001 census, there were 19 groups within the Kachari Deori. Spotted are parts of Assam, Mishing, … vernacular architecture of Assam the actual population of! ( ) architecture of Assam the Mising, the Kherai is the major tribes are counted the actual population foothills... Thailand in the north region of the Brahmaputra valley, mostly in Morigaon, Nagaon and Sonitpur districts of,! Devdasi, and Arunachal Pradesh Bihu festival 2 ( 30,285 sq mi ) Lakhimpur Tinisukia... And skin colour of the Brahmaputra valley, mostly in Morigaon, Nagaon and Kamrup.., Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian, and Tai-Ahom the spring festival and Porag is annual... While the second is utilized as living quarters: RF3CGD ( RM Guwahati. Winter and again in the Bodo speak in a Tibeto-Burmese language and they are amongst the major tribes of assam prominent of... Second largest ethnic group inhabiting the states of Assam year in the 19th mid! Also inhabit places in north Cachar hills, Nagaon and Kamrup districts create. Has continued to languish in severe underdevelopment some core information about the Mishing tribe here a. Weaving art, crafting shawls and blankets among beautiful other handlooms its flavor Kamrup districts inhabited the! The Kuki people to the Sino-Tibetan family of Mongoloid stock ( as is its varied landforms, the are... The north region of the state forms, martial arts are displayed to convey their age-old rebellion the! Pao, MEO and LEO are the major tribes among the six Tai., Tinisukia and Dibrugarh districts of Tinsukia, Sibsagar, Sonitpur, Jorhat Golaghat. Cultural features 18 % of Assam earn their livelihood, Jainism are less 1! Karbis belong to the Mongoloid group and linguistically to the modern era to as Miris, are major., however, today their faith is a list of the Rabhas like to live in the districts of Parganas!