The answer is YES and they are likely using the holo-rigs Tyreen mention in Flying Blind, brief allusion to consensual underage sibling incest, Tyreen fucks her victims and then snuffs them, I did what i could with the materials I had, the calypso protection squad prefers him on the soft side yes, I don't actually know how to tag some of this content, terrible joke about troy having his red wings goes here, Troy fucking a bunch of randoms while Tyreen has a meltdown, or at least an AU where the twins try to get into Amara’s pants, More tags to be added as they become relevant, Troy goes feral™ and Tyreen is here for that shit, im not even gonna pretend theres any semblance of a plot in here, not beta read even though it probably should be, to clarify no one gets hurt except some poor bandit shmucks but whats news about that. Sixth chapter will … Or why him sleeping around pisses her off so much. Join Facebook to connect with Troy Calypso and others you may know. (Second chapter edited. Marked Explicit anyway to err on the side of caution. The Calypso twins have a plan and everyone has a part to play in it. It felt endless, until the day Troy restored an old ship. Those who are left behind will do whatever they must to survive. Updates for this one are going to be erratic, so subscribe or stalk at your preference. View the profiles of people named Troy Calypso. Troy was born on the Eridian homeworld of Nekrotafeyo as the son of Typhon DeLeon and Leda. Join Planet Minecraft! Basically, the 70’s-style exploitation movie staring the Calypso Twins that you never wanted. Jack survives the fight with the Vault hunter, unbeknownst to them, and goes off the grid. Tyreen and Troy take one last shot at making a name for themselves on ordinary people’s terms, so much as anybody on Pandora qualifies as ‘ordinary’. He finds it desperately hard to take gestures of kindness at face value. The answer is YES and they are likely using the holo-rigs Tyreen mention in Flying Blind, Tyreen Calypso & Original Female Character(s), James (Walking Dead: Suffer The Children), Handsome Jack (Borderlands) & Original Character(s), Handsome Jack (Borderlands) Being an Asshole, because I'm a sucker for dads who better themselves for their kids, jack is written kind of out of character ngl, AKA not that realistic but remember it's a video game, the Calypso Twins have some weird nostalgia, I've never actually seen anybody whump Tyreen before. What if the Calypso twins captured more than one Crimson Raider... Collection series for the world-building and character snippets from the Leech Lord AU on Tumblr. His tone was derisive, pale eyes shifting to study the way her bottom lip quivered with his abuse. Millie wants nothing to do with the COV, but neither she or the cult has much of a choice. Work Search: If you're too broken to believe you are human, the only options left are you're a monster... or a God. ), Tyreen gets delayed returning from a trip, and Troy's in dire straights when she gets back. Troy and Tyreen have a somewhat unintentional conversation with their weed dealer Mishka. Namely, despite no longer living in isolation, they can't keep their hands off each other. Additionally, Millie appears to the inheritor of Tyreen’s Siren powers. While he's on the mend, liquor starts loosening lips and the Twins make some changes to their relationship. Tyreen and Troy serve as the main antagonists in Borderlands 3, and so here is the history of these siblings. At some point during their childhood, the two were surgically separated. The DeLeon twins land on Pandora with nothing but a barely functional ship and lofty expectations that quickly turn sour in the desert heat. Tyreen was born the daughter of Typhon DeLeon, the first Vault Hunter, as well as and the twin of Troy Calypso. He intends to continue to stay that way, especially since he's trying to move past that part of his life. Namely, despite no longer living in isolation, they can't keep their hands off each other. Troy's trust in Tyreen doesn't seem to be the only thing that's broken. If her face wasn’t burning before, it definitely was now. So he offers the young vault hunter a deal she couldn't refuse; helps her with this little adventure and she helps him find a body. Iris Manx thinks she can help them, Troy is hopeful but scared, and Tyreen isn't sure she wants help. One day I'll stop with the drabbles, but that day has yet to come. Troy and Tyreen think its important to keep their sex life fresh and exciting. The wreckage is exactly what it says on the tin.

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